Past Immortals

The Immortal Femme Collective is a global collective of feminists, activists, and artists committed to the empowerment of women and the end of gender-based violence. They work to raise awareness and provide resources on issues that affect women, host events, organize campaigns, and create art to tell the stories of women’s experiences.

Through 4 previous installments, Immortal has been committed to creating a new paradigm for feminine empowerment. The collective began in 2018, and has since grown to encompass members from all around the world.

The Collective has been exploring the intersection between femininity and power, and encouraging members to tap into the power of their feminine energy. The Collective has been working to create a space for women to come together and share their stories, experiences, and ideas.

Immortal Femme Collective II
Immortal Femme Collective III
Immortal Femme Collective IV