Dimensions: Preserved environments in human-dominated worlds

Artist Profile

Material Complexity

MaterialComplexity, a media artist, endeavors to make 3D tools available to marginalized groups, merging community building with technology through immersive storytelling with strong audio-visual components. They use Blender and its real-time rendering features to create exclusive virtual worlds. In the past, they have partnered with Latin American DJs on tour, presenting traditional ethnic soundtracks with organic animated sets and curating body and movement with the sets.


Dimensions: Preserved environments in human-dominated worlds

In DIMENSIONS, the artist explores the imprint of their childhood spent indoors while living under a military dictatorship in Pakistan, imagining the world from encyclopedias that they read as a child. The art through sacred geometry representing structured knowledge human ingenuity and subsequently, human domination and 8 simulated biomes aims to invoke the sense of complexity, beauty and tragedy of the world we live in. A body performance by the artist bringing in the physicality of the impact of Climate Change.

The setup will consist of 5 projection screens on square panel walls. 3-5 projectors will project a curated video sequences rendered in Blender and sequenced in Resolume. A single loop of all footages 8 minutes long will loop for 7 hours. At the end of each hour, an intricate dance performance will happen for 8 minute at the center carpet by the artist.

The Exhibit is made possible by the following patrons and supporters.

Technology Partners

Grayarea and Humanmade are proud to be the technology sponsors of the Immortal Femme Collective Fashion Show.

Humanmade is San Francisco’s first Advanced Manufacturing Training center that houses the city’s most extensive open-access Design, Fabrication, and Prototyping Facility.

Gray Area is San Francisco’s premier cultural hub catalyzing creative action for social transformation – applying antidisciplinary practice towards some of the most complex challenges facing our world.

Together, they’re enabling the audience to experience the show in the best possible way with our high quality projectors.

Render Farm Partners

SheepIt is a free distributed renderfarm for Blender. A render farm is a group of computers connected together to complete a large task. In the case of 3D rendering, most of the time a render farm will distribute frames of an animation to multiple computers. Instead of having a single computer work for 100 days, you can have 100 computers work for 1 day. When the owner of a project adds their project to the queue, the service splits the animation into single frames to render, sends each frame to a connected computer and aims to optimize its choice based on the available memory, as well as the CPU/GPU power.

Special thanks to Crisx100 for donating 2 million points for the render farm.


List of 250 people that helped render the animation.

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